Interview with Alena Iskanderova in Forbes

Read an interview with Alena Iskanderova in Forbes “The Road Ahead: This Is How To Rent A Car Now”.

Learn everything about renting a car during pandemic!

One year after the coronavirus outbreak, renting a car sure is a different experience. At least it is for someone like Alena Iskanderova.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, car rental locations were often crowded and the vehicles were pricey. Sometimes, the vehicles were clean, sometimes not, she recalls.

What a difference a year makes.

Prices are dramatically lower now. In some markets, they’ve plunged by up to 40%. Today, the car rental locations are quiet, and the employees keep a safe distance. 

“Many rental companies have decreased the interactions between their employees and customers,” says Iskanderova, a paleontologist from Seattle. 

The vehicles are squeaky clean, but she doesn’t take any chances.  She always packs disinfecting wipes and cleans the steering wheel and other high-touch areas before driving away. Iskanderova also stores all of her personal items in a zip-lock bag.

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